Localisation and creating local content

Localisation is your ticket to foreign markets. Localisation and adaptation is the process of adapting the source product – whether this be a product, website, mobile application, technical documentation or even a virtual assistant – to the target country. A localised product not only respects the differences and slang/colloquial elements of the respective language, but also the cultural traditions and legislation.

Our team can handle all the formats of source files as well as the restrictions associated with the final deployment. Throughout the existence of our agency, we have facilitated the localisation of, for example, user interfaces for smart TVs, websites and mobile applications as well as the user interfaces of complex surveillance and emergency systems.

Regardless of your target market, we will be a reliable partner for all of your localisation needs.

From Word files to source code, we do it all.

The format of the content that you need localised does not matter – let us do the work. Our team of graphic designers, DTP professionals and developers will make sure the localised content is true to its original.

Subtitles or voice-over for your video

If you are looking to localise an audio track, YouTube video, presentation or instructional video, we have professional subtitle tools as well as a recording studio, which are employed to ensure that your product speaks to customers in their native language.

Localisations for websites, online stores and applications including deployment

Concerned about using your own coders to deploy translated texts to the Web or online store? We can help. Working with source codes and using the most popular content management systems is what we do.

Speak your customers' language and differentiate yourself with accurately localised products.

Fill in the non-binding request form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and delivery date. Our deliveries are never late and the final service fee is communicated in advance. The translation software available today allows us to offer significant discounts on repetitive text and text with similarities.

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From Word files to source code, we do it all

We can help with practically all languages and all file formats. Whether you need to localise a website, online store, catalogue as a PDF or mobile application, the final product we provide is ready for immediate use, the appearance and function of which will fully correspond to the original.

On the other hand, provided that you would like for us to prepare a new graphic design, as part of a localisation project, the services of our DTP and graphics studio are at your disposal. Our seasoned project managers will always present an individual pallet of services that are tailored to your needs. The synergy between project managers, translators and graphic designers respects the comfort and minimum burdening of the customer. Each phase of the localisation process is subject to strict, multi-level quality control.

A part of our portfolio is also the full-service production of manuals and other technical documentation. We facilitate the professional translation, graphic processing, print preparation and deliver finished printed manuals to your warehouse or send fitting materials for printing directly in production.

Subtitle and voice-over services for your video are available. Or we can even film the entire video.

With the increasing popularity of services such as YouTube, video today represents a popular form of effective communication with customers and product promotion. Videos with quality dubbing or subtitles in the viewer's native language has a much greater chance of engagement with the viewer.

Just send us the video you wish to have localised and specify whether you would like subtitles only or full dubbing. We will take care of the rest, including preparations for the format of the video, audio and subtitles for the target platforms.

Video manuals, which demonstrate product installation and use, have become a popular format for user manuals. These types of manuals are created for simple consumer electronics as well as complex industrial systems. Our agency creates these kinds of video manuals from scratch.

We localise websites and online stores including deployment

Today, multilingual website and online store versions are a given. However, if your website is large, you may prevent your coder from doing more productive things than taking several business days to copy and insert translated texts.

Our agency features seasoned web designers and coders that will make sure the localisation is carried out directly to source files or content management system (Wordpress, Joomla and many others).

If necessary, we will propose the optimal localisation strategy for your website that will, for example, ensure that the addition of new products will not violate terminology consistency. On request, we will perform a website keyword analysis and their adequate localisation based on search trends from the relevant customers.

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