Manuals and Technical Documents

By combining the services of many specialists who work with modern technologies, we can facilitate the full production and/or translation of manuals for various types of products, applications, industrial software and services. Manuals are translated and designed for consumer and professional electronics, mobile phones, office tools, computer technology, photography, home appliances, cars, toys, building sets, measuring technology, power tools, furniture, cleaning products and many other industrial products,

We facilitate the professional translation, graphic processing, print preparation and deliver finished printed manuals to your warehouse or send fitting materials for printing directly in production. Our portfolio also includes interactive guides as well as web and video manuals. We have the capacity to design and implement localisations for chatbots, which utilise artificial intelligence in order to speak naturally to customers with respect to the cultural specifics of the respective country and language.

Free consultations and custom offers are available to all customers at the very start of cooperation.

Full service manual design

Our agency takes care of everything when it comes to manuals of all shapes and sizes. All we need is the product for which you intend to have a manual created, or the original manual in any language. Leave the graphic designs, all the required translations, completion and printing or deployment to us.

Interactive guides, web and video manuals and chatbots

We will take care of the full design or localisation of interactive guides, web manuals or chatbots, which together rank among today's popular means of interaction between product and customer. Our designs take into account the local specifics of the target language and, of course, the target user group.

Seasoned documentalists and technicians are tasked with creating your manual.

Our team consists of experienced documentalists with technical university education. The end result will, therefore, always be of high standard, consistent in terms of terminology, and the author will always be someone with vast experience in the field the product is affiliated with.

Make sure people understand your product, regardless of where they live. Order a manual.

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